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  • Was 2014 "The Year of DaaS?"

    Late last year, I wrote that 2014 would be "The Year of DaaS ," and ever since then no matter which conference I attend I'm reminded of that statement. People ask if I still believe that, and my answer is always "Yes!" We're no strangers to the sweeping...
    by Gabe Knuth , December 19, 2014 : 0 comments , 439 views
  • VDI is the answer for people who have to do *something* but don't know what that something is

    VDI is the future! VDI could be the future? VDI might be the future? Is VDI the future? "Hey! We need to do something to future proof our enterprise. Cloud. BYO-something. Compliance. Desktops are dead. Consumerization. New employees. ROI! Tablets......
    by Brian Madden , December 17, 2014 : 11 comments , 1,839 views

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